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    Inspiration and creativity surround us it is in our every day.


    Adding the 3 layer of hand stitched silk leaves.


    “Creativity is all around us, and some of the funniest, most beautiful, and touching moments happen when you least expect it.”

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    I am not sure how you find your inspiration but I know we are surrounded by inspiration in our every day. We just need to be open to the thought, open with our creative minds and ready capture inspiration and hold it close. We don’t always concioulsy recognise our sources of inspiration, it can be a simple word, dashes of colour, our environment, blurs splashed through rain, music, a gesture or movement, dance, joy in the garden, reading a book and so much more. This week I started a piece of textile art work where the inspiration came from a conversation with my mother, she was sharing a sewing technique with me.

    I did not use that technique in this textile art work but it did give me the inspiration to try some new ideas and re-visit some old ones. In this art work I have used a variety of techniques and materials. My hands have been messy, covered in dye and paint, glue and needle holes even worse is my studio.I am not sure if you all have the same as me, I can’t help it when I start a new  piece of work my creative drive dictates that no cleaning up can possibly happen not until I am finished .I have had lots of fun and given myself a possibility to build on.

    This piece of art work has three defined layers but many others hidden within each layer. I am sharing with you the visual steps taken some have  failed, and were reworked, some surprised and baffled me but most were succsessful .I am very pleased with the finished art work it will be framed behind glass the  approx. size is 43 cmx 46 cm.

    ps some exciting news i am  just finalising teaching in America next year woo hoo it is at a fantastic event more to come soon.
    Step 1 preparing the fabric to paint.using silk, silk organza and cotton.

    Preparing the fabric to paint I am using silk, silk organza and cotton squares.


    Adding some texture and glamour with metallic crayons before painting .

    Adding some texture and glamour with metallic crayons and rubbing plate before painting the fabric. What I learnt was that some of the crayon washed off  after painting and steaming.I needed to redo this step after I had painted and washed the silk.


    Hand painting the silk and cotton fabrics.

    Hand painting the silk and cotton fabrics.Before I have steamed and washed the fabric.


    Cutting out square shapes and hand stitching the back ground.

    Cutting out square shapes and hand stitching all the squares and grid


    making a grid lace overlay incorporating lace leaves.

    Making a grid lace overlay incorporating skeleton leaves.I used a gold metallic thread.Unfortunately when I had finished and washed this grid it was not how I had visualised it would look .I knew I could use the pieces so easy peasy I cut it up  :-)


    Hand stitching silk leaves

    Hand stitching silk leavesThese leaves are the third layer of the art work.


    the gris of leaves didn't work so I cut them and stitched to background as well as adding some paper layers.

    Here you can see that I have hand stitched the leaves from the cut up gold grid onto the fabric as well as adding some paper layers.


    Machine and hand stitched ready to complete back ground layer.

    Machine and hand stitched ready to create the background layer.


    Lush hand dyed silk fibers for the background.

    Lush hand dyed silk fibers for the background.


    Adding the 3 layer of hand stitched silk leaves.

    Adding the 3 layer of hand stitched silk leaves.Seeing it in real life is always so much better than an image. By sharing this I hope you see possibilities and you feel inspired.


    Close up of some detail

    Close up of some detail


    Close up of detail.

    Close up of detail.


    Now I am off to frame two large commissioned pieces on a rainy afternoon.Life is always full and wonderful.






so far.

  1. Chelle says:

    Hi Mary appreciate hearing form you and I am glad you enjoyed the blog.It was really enjoying to create and I am very inspired to continue to play with these techniques.

  2. Mary Transom says:

    This piece is amazing, Michelle, really enjoyed reading about your process, and thanks for sharing. Congratulations too on teaching prospects in US, very exciting for you

  3. Chelle says:

    Thanks Pauline I hope it inspires you to spend time creating and playing with lots of different techniques and materials. Creativity is fuel for the soul.

  4. Pauline says:

    Wow what an awesome way to had so much texture and color to fabric. Really enjoyed seeing how you did it luv seeing this process. Have done this years ago as an adult art student and luv doing anything like this thanks for sharing. Good luck with all your future work Pauline :D

  5. Chelle says:

    Thanks Amy I am not sure whats involved in doing a book or how I would fit it into my busy life creating.I will give it some thought.

  6. So wonderful…your work and your sharing. Very inspiring! Please please do a book!

  7. Chelle says:

    Hi Yvonne I hope you do get everything out and play.It was such fun and I am looking forward to more playing very soon.:-)

  8. Yvonne Wright says:

    I just love all the layers & techniques you have employed, it works beautifully. Makes me want to get all the paints out & play, but I have deadlines for other things at the moment, maybe in a couple of weeks I can start. Thank you so much for sharing.

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