in situ


In Situ

Seeing my artworks in situ gives you an indication of how a piece of my textile artwork would look on a wall in your home.  I hope these images help you to visualise the joy, warmth, colour and texture they will add to your living spaces.

Sweet Dreams – approx size framed 70cm x 120cm

In My Garden – approx size framed 84cm x120 cm

Falling – approx size framed 60cm x 90cm

Sing Song shores – approx size framed 75cm x 85cm

Old Cities – approx size 50cm x 76cm and 100cm x 76cm

Place of the Heart – approx size 82cm x 150cm

Butterlfy Kisses – approx size 50cm x 75cm

Shelter – approx size 70cm x 90cm

Commissioned or Custom Work

I would be pleased to talk to you about commissioned or custom textile artwork. I can recreate similar artwork to that which is displayed, but cannot repeat exactly the same piece, each is a new creation with its own unique character and feel.

Please feel free to send a request through my contact page. I will happily discuss what your particular wishes are.

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