I am inspired by places I have been and places I wish to visit; the colours, the textures, the emotion, needing to feel their rhythm, drawn to their conversation, enthralled by their colour and texture.

I am inspired by the everyday that holds beauty and captivation; watching the seasons change, listening and laughing with friends and family, the roar of the ocean. I hope to convey the colour and movement of how I respond emotionally.

My textile artwork is not an accurate or literal depiction. It is how I feel it in my heart, how I am moved and what makes me smile. All my textile artwork comes from my heart, head and hand.

My Creative Life

A carefully crafted art book capturing my textile art and inspiration. 

“So excited received my book and kit yesterday absolutely beautiful.  The book, wow, I find it hard to find words to describe the feelings I experienced when I opened it. I also purchased one for my 86 year old friend and she is going to love it also. 
Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.”


“Spent the evening with your wonderful book! Congratulations to all involved – the photos are fantastic and your words are so true to who you are. For readers who do not know you, it is a “conversation” to inspire observation, imagination and joy! So glad you have shared it with us all.”


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