Welcome to my Gallery

Here you will find many examples of the larger wall art pieces that I have created over time.

A lot of these art works have been in exhibitions and art shows, some have won prizes and others have travelled to new homes all around the world.

These large textiles embroideries tell stories of my life. Stories that many people relate to, the ocean, dancing butterflies, nodding daisies on a summer breeze, old city doors, travels to fascinating cities and landscapes, and family holidays.

When hanging on your wall they add a distinctive touch to your home. They bring a kaleidoscope of colour, a sensuous mix of textures and often inspire conversation.

Please enjoy the journey.

Commissioned or Custom Work

I would be pleased to talk to you about commissioned or custom textile art work. I can recreate similar art work to that which is displayed but cannot repeat exactly the same piece, each is a new creation with its own unique character and feel.
Please feel free to send a request through my contact page. I will happily discuss what your particular wishes are.

How Big Is The Artwork?

To get an idea of how my work will suit your home, I have created sample settings in my In Situ page.














Intellectual Property
All photographs of my art work and contents of this website are copyrighted. If you would like to use any images please contact me.

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