A new adventure and how it creates.


The only place where housework comes before needlework is in the dictionary. ~Mary Kurtz


I have had such an exciting week in my studio welcoming my new sewing machine and she is drop dead gorgeous. For the last 34 years I have worked closely and loveingly with my Bernina 830. She turned 34 last year and has created and made more projects and artworks than I can imagine. She has been essential in creating me as a Textile artist .My Bernina 830 is now going into retirement with and will remain close by as a loyal friend who knows more of my Textile art journey than anyone I know.

It is with my undying love of Bernina sewing machines and all that they are and do that I would like to introduce you to my new sensational sewing machine a Bernina B 720. Sometimes I just stare and look at her, so elegant so professional. I have never owned such a wonderful machine with so many tricks. I am learning all that she can do and am embracing her abilities.It may sound silly but I do love the little things, like the way she finishes and snips the thread, the stitch quality and complete ease of use.Her longer throat allows me to move large amounts of fabric with ease, she tells me little hints like when the bobbin is empty, when she needs oil and so much more.We have many years ahead of ourselves making  beautiful things and sharing sewing room secrets.


My first 2 projects created effortlessly on my new girl the Bernina B 720.


I am currently working on a collection of wearable art for a group exhibition at Stonehouse Gallery in May.

This first piece is a patchwork wrap the patches have beenjoined together with a lacework technique.


Each patch has been made using hand dyed silk/merino flimsie, hand dyed silk fibres, carefully selected yarns, hand painted silk and water soluble fabric which are then stitched with rayon threads. The patches have been made individually and in this one above I was experimenting with a embroidery pattern on the Bernina B720 and then incorporated it with free motion machine stitch.IMG_7581-1

The image above is before it is washed


Now that it is washed you can see the many,  many,  many stitches and  hours of work.I then add a little hand stitching with hand dyed cotton thread.







My second project was a scarf.

I have stitched this scarf using water soluble fabric and a length of hand dyed silk/merino flimsie, carefully selected yarns and silk velvet .I am using a cut out technique and lace work all free motion stitched with a rayon threads.





I added some extra length to the original scarf with lace work.

For  hand dyed silk flimsies   http://www.thethreadstudio.com/catalogue/fab/fab2.htm

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