Textural Journey 2

Where did the last two weeks go ??????

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before. Neil Gaiman

I said I would publish a texture every two weeks this one is a little early but it slotted in nicely  to today , who knows when the next one will be, please play and have fun.



Material for play 

Please remember you are just playing substitute anything you done have on hand. The number of different thread colours is up to you I use many , because that is me.

Small amount of fusible web.

Small amount of pre felt or felt , this is where i get my pre-felt from.  http://www.thethreadstudio.com/catalogue/fab/fab2.htm

Small piece of velvet .

Small piece of hand dyed gauze or soft mesh.

Short piece of chord. 

Metallic paint or similar.

Derwent intense blocks or water/ acrylic  paints. 

Hand thread.

Machine embroidery threads.

Stencil,  optional.

Free motion  foot.  

Giding flakes  optional. this is what I use http://www.thethreadstudio.com/catalogue/exp/gilding.htm

Gold buff optional. 

Iron .

Sewing machine.

Baking papaer. 

Step 1 

Cut two pieces of fusible web to the same size.   

Put one pice to the side  to use later and lay the second piece paper side down, textured side facing up. Carefully wet this side and then paint with the intense blocks or paints, do this gently so as not to tear the fusible web. 

Step 2

When dry sprinkle gilding leaf  or anything similar over the painted surface and also lay some chord with a nice texture.

Take your second piece of fusible web and peel form the backing paper. 

Lay the peeled piece of fusible web over the painted surface and top with

baking paper then fuse with a hot dry iron.

Step 3 

Peel the baking paper carefully away from the web leaving the web  attached to the original backing paper. Then stencil with gold /metallic colour or if you don’t have a stencil you can just blob some metallic paint but not to much coverage.

Step 4 

When the gold paint is dry mark some rectangles or whatever shape you choose to cut out of the fusible web sheet.Put aside the cut out pieces for future play.

When you have cut your shapes lay the fusible web face down on some felt or pre felt ( which I prefer)  and then put cover with baking paper  to protect it while you fuse the coloured web to the felt.

Carefully peel  the backing paper of the web  to leave the  coloured web surface texture fused onto the felt .

Step 5

I added a little more colour to the fused area by using intense blocks. You can decide if you need more colour.back it with your felt and a piece of batting. It is now ready for free motion stitching .


Step 6 

Free motion stitch to your hearts delight.When you have finished stitching you may like to use some gold buff over the raised areas or leave as is.

Step 7

I use pre-felt  because I love the texture they create when being stitched. I have stitched the felt areas with lots of tiny circles which leave a lovely pebbled affect.












Step 8 

Think about adding a little colour and texture zing with a small piece of muslin/gauze or soft mesh (whatever you have in your sewing room as a substitute )  













Step 9

Turn your stitched fabric over and mark a rectangle to cut out back this with some velvet and another piece of batting.Then secure the velvet and backing with some stitching. I suggest you go back over some of the past stitch lines and around your felt outer cut out edges to define shapes and textures.


Step 10

A little hand stitching is added 

Around the  edges of the rectangle use a decorative stitch or zig zag.


Step 11

Using the rectangular piece that you cut out, trim it down to size to insert on top of the velvet rectangle and edge it with a decorative stitch.

then hand stitch some gold thread through all the layers.

All these ideas I am showing you are about playing not the final product so from here it you are on your  own to discover the possibilities, to own with your one style. It could be a small art work a cover for a journal or a beautiful card endless possibilities. I have added some skeleton leaves and I am sure you have other ideas on what you could add to finish this piece of textile art.





Upcoming events 

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