I am often asked what inspires me and my answer is life.


With that thought I wandered around my garden – it is the ordinary that is extraordinary – everyday life, travel, the beach, family, all the good stuff that me makes me happy.

The secret to a creative life is to let your intuition, curiosity, and soul capture the sparkling magic that surrounds us in our not so ordinary lives.





When I look in the garden I see colours shapes, textures, layers, fabrics, ribbons, stitches, yarns and so on.

I don’t try to create a botanical drawing or an accurate depiction I create a feeling, an emotion, an ¬†interpretation. It is an expression of what I have observed, listened to,
sensed and carried in my hands, heart and head, it is a possibility.



I love old cities and old doors, I love narrow laneways and stories
captured and whispered from secret gardens.





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