My holiday artist journal 


The secret to a creative life is to let your intuition, curiosity, and soul capture the sparkling magic that surrounds us in our not so ordinary.

When I am on holidays at our” place of the heart”  I see colours shapes, textures, layers, fabrics, ribbons, stitches, yarns and so on.

I don’t try to create a botanical drawing or an accurate depiction, I create a feeling, an emotion, an interpretation. It is an expression of what I have observed, listened to, sensed and carried in my heart and head, it is a possibility”. Michelle Mischkulnig

I have been holidaying at the same stunning coastal area for 25 years and each year I breathe in its beauty and enjoy the play time. Both last year and this year I have challenged myself to keep a small journal, by using the photos from my phone, paper , water colour pencils, a free art app,  my canon selphy printer, hand stitch threads and found objects. I am sharing this with you and hope it inspires. If you would like to see more images from my journal please let me know and I will share them in a seperate blog.


Water colour pencils such as derwent inktense.

Mobile phone to photograph with.

Prisma art app

Canon selphy printer and paper ( this is a small mobile printer)  please shop around for best price.

Water colour journal .

Hand stitch threads and needles.

Glue stick or such.

Surprising bibs and bobs.

Found objects such a vegetation, sea weed, drift wood, shells, silver foil, magazines and newspaper, lolly wrappers etc.

A sense of adventure.

Early morning walks are all ways the best time to take photos.We had quite a few days with “blue bottle ” stingers. I found them washed up with their long tentacle wrapped up in the seaweed, the seaweed also had attracted  blue shells and other blue jelly fish it was like a tangle of jewels.

You can see using the Prisma app opens so many design ideas.I have used found objects, paint layers of paper little shell etc.



This is a video of me working on the above journal entry.


A love bare branches and was delighted to see how this original image of a fallen weathered tree  could be made into differing art works using Prisma app


This is one of my favourite images and I love the different interpretations and emotions each art work resonate.

The beach at sunrise this is my view every day on holidays.

Always looking, listening, sensing, eyes open,  alert to inspiration.Love walking and finding the magic.It is always there in the ordinary.

A short video where I am creating a journal page using torn magazines and news paper.

Rocks aren’t they wonderful holds of footsteps of  journeys. Look at the way the grass falls over them.This made a beautiful page in my journal.


So much texture and possibilities gorgeous colours and textures.



I am sharing with you a wonderful short video by Lou Gardiner a wonderful textile artist enjoy.





























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