What I am playing with ?

The technique of Esi shrink/ texture magic from which you can find the endless creative uses. 

I am currently working on some ideas based around sea scape. The idea of sea gardens are inspiring with so many different and beautiful textures and colours, fish darting, coral resplendent and architectural, the gentle movement of sea grass in turquoise waters a playground for the imagination, endless possibilities. I am beginning to put together some samples for teaching on a cruise from Brisbane to the Whitsundays in March 2017.I would love my students to be enthralled be the possibilities of travel and to create an artwork based around the beautiful environment.When the cruise is over my wish is that they leave with a piece of art work that captures journey.I am currently thinking fish,coral reefs and tropics.The colours will be so vivid and alive the textures organic and scrumptious.With this in mind I revisited shrinking fabric as a technique and thought I would share it with you in hope it might inspire.




 “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook


I have been playing with shrinking fabric ( esi shrink, texture magic)This fun fabric can be used to texturize your fabrics and all you need is the fabric,a steam iron and some stitching.
Fabric shrinks up to 30% in all directions creating a wonderful textured fabric which can  be used in so many creative ways – such as flowers, scenery, garments, textile art or simply as fabric for any project.



Laying silk on top of the Esi shrink fabric


Stitching in straight lines and capturing some more texture in the stitch lines.


Forming a grid pattern with my stitching and trim the added texture.


I added some paint dobs and started the shrink process by running over the back of fabric with a steam iron.


The fabric has now been shrunk to its full capacity and is complete with delightful texture.


Here is one idea making a brooch out of a small piece I have also made evening purses and other bags.

The sample below is using silk organza which I coloured after the shrinking process I am working in circles which gives a different texture to the grid. I am hoping to use this piece in a sea bed.











This art work is hot off the press and you can see I have used the esi shrink fabric.The art work is a class sample for March 2017 cruise from Brisbane to the Whitsundays.Love to have you on board.


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