Window into my Studio

I start creating my textile art work in my studio early in the morning. I love mornings, the world awakens and it is especially nice in the Spring each day new beginnings and fresh sounds and colours.

Today I have been working on some small textile art works for Stonehouse Gallery. The dragonfly is a small  simple artwork. It is being worked on a cotton fabric which has been coloured using derwnet inktense pencils and blocks. They are fabric permanent and great fun to work with, the colours are very vibrant.

The first step was to trace the dragonfly onto some sticky sided water-soluble fabric. I then peeled the backing off and stuck it down onto the cotton fabric.

When the design is placed sticky side down on the fabric it is easily free motion stitched, using different threads and treasures.

Once embroidered I then rinsed the fabric in warm water and a little detergent to remove the sticky residue and worked into it with more colour and treasures.

Then I painted the background and stitched it again with a Dacron padding to build up the texture and interest.

Enjoy !







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