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“I can’t draw “

In my recent  blog  “a window into my studio 6 ” I talked about some ideas to help with the statement

“I can’t draw”

As a textile artist I am not skilled at drawing but stitching colour and texture come easily. My art work designs are visualised, seeded then let to grow organically and blossom.The idea/design I start with is not always the same as the end art result .It is the freedom and spontaneity that I love, not to over think  and plan or worry.You must allow for the freedom of change, evolvement and the journey.

I am looking at a technique to give all levels of skill competency in their design or drawing.

I do not use this techniques myself and I am developing the idea to share with you.

I am very pleased with these first art works and hope you enjoy the process its always exciting trying something new.So hold on tight for the ride.

Today I am sharing with you a simple process I have used to produce some small textile art works.I am publishing in this blog two short videos on the visual process I have used.This is my first play so we are learning together you may have ideas to develop this and make it yours.

There are many possibilities to hold in your hands your heart and your head.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.Art is knowing which ones to keep “

Scott adams 


I used the sketcher app to adjust original images to water or oil colours this can also be done in photoshop or other apps.What you use is up to you .An alternative is to print original photo as your base.


*Print your art work on computer paper in colour.

*To start use a layer of fusible web  between the paper print and a calico backing  iron dry and  hot to melt the layers together repeat an organza layer on top of the paper print.

*Starting stitching, I used the stitch to accentuate and outline a few details of the image which helped give me a base to build on.

*I then used inktense derwent pencils and crayons to colour.I used the embedded image as a guide  for colours and shapes but don’t get hung up on this.

*It is handy to have another same image either printed or on  your computer screen to help follow.

*Then back to my trusty friend for some more stitching this time the stitch lines are for texture and to define the image,shapes and colours.

*I completed by adding 3d texture and hand stitching



Captured in my garden

Captured in my garden


Sketched.jpg 2

favicon 512-12

Video of process.



Original image Whiskey bay Wilsons Promontory

Original image Whiskey bay Wilsons Promontory

Sketched.jpg 14

favicon 512-19


Video of  process.

Inspiring artists

A great artist, wonderful inspiration and spectacular colour




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