IMG_6632-1 The layers in a my Mediterranean textile art works 

“What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.”
― Deepak Chopra

“The singing shore of the Mediterranean”

As you have had a little insight (from “A window into my studio 10” ) to the way my creative mind works I thought I would share with you the layers of creative art work that form “The singing shore of the Mediterranean”. When I design my art works I visualise it in layers of texture, colour and depth. I look for the magic, the soul of the subject, so as you can feel the song. I see the art work in layers, each layer  connected to the last, each joined by stitch colour and texture to make a whole.

I have only physically visited the mediterranean in Spain but I have collected many images and read stories and listened to people who have travelled to the shorelines it touches. I see it as a song that romances the shorelines. This Mediterranean textile art work is a commissioned piece measuring approximately 90 cm x 75 cm and it will be mounted and framed. I have used many techniques and mediums including paper, fabric, stitch, found objects and paint and of course many hours on the sewing machine. I am captured by the romance of the mediterranean, the architecture, the soul and the song.

On my backing material I lay out the sky, mountains and city scape and then…..


Stitched houses with background unstitched as yet.






Mountains and Sky are stitched and more details such as trees, grass and laneways are added. The silk is added for the sea.


The silk is painted and another layer added for depth and movement in the sea, it is then stitched.



The piece is finished with boats, fish and a promenade added. Using found objects I have also embellished with fences gates and light posts,keys and locks for the doors.


Dont forget I am teaching at the Berry retreat in August – I will let you know when registrations open – and on a Australian cruise in the tropics March 2017

Soon to be announced – classes at Byron Bay  June 2016

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