Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest will take care go its self. Elizabeth Gilbert

I have been absent from my blog for quite some time, so much has happened and each day is full of creativity and magic.

This is the project but first some news .

Textile banner to make

My book has been published and is available from my website . My book is a labour of love in it I share with you beautiful images of my art work and words that describe what I see in the every day and how we just need to be open to all the inspiration that surrounds us, to welcome it into our head, heart and hands.

I am very excited to have my textile art being exhibited at Visions I hope if you live in San Diego you can visit and see my art work in reality.

A Tuscan tour

Don’t worry soon we will get to the making project a Textile banner .But i have some more news I would like to share with you. In October 2020 I am teaching on a tour of Tuscany , this is a whole experience of visiting a gorgeous country and feeling inspired by the, textures, layers, colours and forms. The tour should be up on the Craftours website in the very near future or you can send Craftours an expression of interest, through i will also announce on my Facebook page, Instagram and through emails . On this tour I will immersing you in creativity we will be using hand dyed fabrics and fibre to create memories of the tour. I am not just teaching in class but I will be touring with you so am available for any advice, conversation and laughter .I have been playing with some ideas for our projects you will see these below they are still works in progress. Do consider this tour I know it will be fabulous and my 3rd trip with Jim West and Craftours. Please note we will not have sewing machines but we will have so much more !

A great new magazine

The last piece of news I would like to share with you is an amazing new magazine Digital Cloth, Caroline Sharkey and Mel are on an amazing adventure with this magazine which will be for sale from this link as of June 1. Caroline is not only an amazing artist but also a a phenomenal supporter of all textile artists and a gorgeous fun friend to have. Caroline interviewed me for her magazine Digital Cloth we did laugh a lot so if there might be a few bloopers. ( please note not available until June 1 )*F

So now for some creative play and using all those bits and pieces you have stuffed in bags and drawers

it”s time to start

Always remember what I share here as a project is a possibility you can take it in any direction you wish, just a little insight into some techniques to play with.


  • Small scraps of interesting fabrics and fibres in different weights, textures and colours .I have used, silk organza, silk scraps stitched felt and velvet also silk and angelina fibre.
  • Fusible fabric such as vliesofix or misty fuse.size is your choice I used approx. 20cm x 30cm x 2.
  • A piece of felt or similar as a backing mine was brightly coloured approx. 24cm x 30cm.
  • Silk fibre such as a silk hanky, a silk hanky is a square of silk fibres which can be split and finely layers often using in felting but this can be substituted to any silk fibre that can be stretched out to fit 24cm x 30cm or a sheer fabric.
  • Metallic gilding paste or similar I use this brand Creative Expressions – Shimmer Metallic Gilding Polish, it is not permanent on fabric
  • A fine silk ribbon or such you can used strips of fabric as substitute
  • large eye hand stitch needle such as chenille
  • baking paper / parchment
  • threads for machine stitching I use rayons
  • sewing machine that is able to be set up for free motion embroidery with a closed toe embroidery foot
  • Optional I have used a free motion couching foot.
  • iron

The backing to the art work -materials

  • Heavy weight iron on interfacing
  • optional some written words i have used fabric which was commercially printed but you can print some from images on the computer and use this sandwiched between to layers of the interfacing
  • silk ribbon or similar
  • silk organza or similar sheer fabric
  • Inktense or water colour
  • gilding paste or similar
  • hand made paper /khadi paper or similar to bind the backing for the art work

To start making

Lay a piece of baking paper on a flat surface and then place your piece of fusible web on the top of the baking paper, before doing this peel the backing paper of the fusible web( if it has a baking paper) .I have used , silks wools felts and velvets some overlapping the fabrics are cotton torn into small pieces and strips.
Over the top of the fabrics place the long pieces of silk thread and Angelina fibre, leaving negative spaces . When your fibres and materials are in position lay a second piece of baking paper over the top of the layer out fabrics and fibres and iron with a dry hot iron until it is fused. When it is all fused gently lift of the baking paper/parchment for toad back..
Your fused fabric will look similar to this .

Flip the top of your fabric ( not the side with the fusible web) to face down on your baking paper and place a sheer layer of silk fibres/sheer fabric or whatever your heart desires on the top of the fused fabric. Place a piece of baking paper on the top of the silk fibres/sheer fabric and fuse with a dry hot iron.

I have hand stitched the silk ribbon through the fused fabric, if you do not have any silk ribbon substitute with strips of fabric etc. This adds another texture and dimension.
Using the second piece of peeled fusible web, fuse the stitched fabric to a coloured backing fabric I have used brightly coloured felt. I choose felt for the dimension it adds.Using a dry hot iron fuse together the two layers.
I then and stitch using a thick variegated hand thread.
I like to use gold metallic foil to add some “bling” or high lights if you don’t have gold foil use gold fabric or paint.
To use gold foil place a small pieces of fusible web on the surface of your fabric then put your metallic foil of similar size on the top of the fusible web make sure coloured size facing up ie gold in the image . Using a dry hot iron ( mainly the point of the iron for these small pieces ) press over the foil you will see it change colour then lift the foil. The plastic will lift off leaving the gold metallic shimmer .
In this I am using my free motion couching foot to couch some silk thread over the surface. If you don’t have one of these feet you can carefully free motion a chord or free motion zig/zag satin stitch which gives a lovely effect.

Then cut the fused fabric piece into four strips approx. 71/2 cm along the length of the fused fabric.I have free motion stitched the fused/created fabric to a black felt fabric.
Cut the strips into squares which measure approx. 7 1/2 cm square and these will be stitched onto a larger piece of felt or similar approx. 12cm square ( I choose felt because of the lovely textures you get when stitched) Back the piece of 12 cm felt or similar with a same sized piece of batting and stitch around the outside edge of the created fabric. Cover your created fabric with a approx.9cm piece of sheer fabric, I have used hand dyed silk organza to stitch around the outside of the created fabric when stitched cut back to the stitch line reveal the created fabric which also gives you a lovely raw edge.

How you decorate the boarder of your created fabric is up to you, take seem of the stitching onto your created fabric and use as many colours and added embellishment as makes you happy, try some hand stitching enhance with jewels, gold threads etc .

Baking for your squares

Using a piece of stiff iron on facing approx. size 24cm x 54cm fold in in 1/2 with a piece of written word either printed on paper or fabric and iron to hold into place.
Sewing silk ribbon across the width this is to add subtle texture to the back ground .
Using the hand made paper/ khadi paper or similar as a binding. I use a torn edged and join the biding by overlapping the paper .Fold the paper in half and stitch along edge free motion with the paper folded to either side.
to add more interest I have randomly stencilled some gold paint onto the surface if you do not have any stencils you could just randomly paint some areas .

I have then sewn strips of silk organza over the top of the gold painted ribbons with negative spaces left. You may be able cut through the top layer of the organza to reveal the texture and writing underneath and secure with a little more stitching, if you have use paper you may not be able to cut back thorough also if your fabric interfacing is very sticky it may not be possible. Finally I have coloured with inktense pencils and gilding paste .

I have stitched my created fabric squares down the centre of the backing with a black thread and also stitched the left over pieces down the sides with black thread continuing the stitch design over the edges and then paining area left by the stitch in with metallic paints and combined with Jo Sonja’s opal dust paint to give a glitter effect. Finally adding some darling squares at the booth of the art work.It is now ready to hang as is or frame.

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