“Mere colour, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in thousand different ways ”  Oscar Wilde


Many people tell me how much they love my colours and that my colour sense draws them to my textile art, it makes them feel happy. In considering this I would say ‘these are my colours, all the colour that I love, colour that makes me feel great, the colours of my life’.

When I teach I do not teach colour. The reason I choose not to teach colour is the style I use allows for experimentation, it allows for  ‘oh no way’.  The way I work with textiles is forgiving and enables me to adjust colour mishaps by adding extra stitches, more layers of fabric, fibre, fabric paint or a variety other techniques. I believe people over think colour and labour over their decisions, let colour be intuitive, just have a go and see what develops. Different disciplines of stitch may need more technical theories for colour choices, but for me I just prefer to let it flow.

Most of my beautiful colours come from hand painted silks and hand dyed fibres and yarns etc. Most of which I purchase through the Thread Studio, I  like to use natural fibre and fabric as much as possible. Silk is my favourite for its lustre and the way it resonates colour.

The use of colour in my art work is intuitive and organic it just feels right I am not trying to represent true life. My colours ‘just are’ because I love them.

I particularly love the change in seasonal colours with the shifts in lighting. I love to observe and feel the connection with colourful seasonal change.

Everybody has a different, their own, colour palate that they belong to and are comfortable within, it is them.

Below are the colours within my studio

Dont labour about colour, don’t fear colour, love it, embrace it and let it own you and all your creative being.






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