Teaching and traveling why ?

I have come to a time in my textile art journey and life where I want to share my passion and techniques. I want to give my students a possibility to hold in their hands, create with their heart, and explore with their head.

I believe travel opens your mind to possibilities of the hands, heart and head through being immersed in new sensations, colours, textures, sounds, rhythms and soul of a new country.

To travel and teach is a privilege to be shared. We are all experiencing the “new” simultaneously yet perceiving it through different eyes. Old doors, landscape, food, market places, sounds, culture and more fill our creative minds and open up the possibilities.

Often we are unaware of the influence of our travel in our creative work, it can appear unplanned unexpected just a dash of texture or colour a new thought, a possibility.

I am so pleased to be one of the tutors/escorts for Craftours.com this enables me to share my techniques with my students while we are in a greatly heightened awareness of creativity. I love to feel the rhythm and soul of the country we are visiting and to be overwhelmed by its beauty then to realise this in textile art work through play and exploration.

I am sharing some images with you from my Craftours Bali Textiles Tour in July 2015.

See more in the July Issue of Craftposium

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