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    This textile art work is mounted in off white and ready to frame the measurement to the outside edge of the mount is 64cm x 53cm (25″ x 21″ )

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    Large textile Art works

    All my textile pictures are created with a sense of pleasure. Each one is unique and individually made. My themes are taken from life’s experiences.

    I use my hand painted silk, hand dyed pure silk laps and silk caps other fabrics, yarn, paper, found objects and other materials  prudently selected from my collection. Each picture is free motion  machine stitched and quilted  may include  some  hand embroidery, beading and other treasures to be found.I never know where my at work will lead me or what ingredient I may use next.

    All my textile art pieces are originals and no two are ever exactly the same

    The textile pictures are usually mounted in off white and have a light weight foam core backing alternatively they may have a fabric backing with a pocket for a rod to be inserted and ready to hang on the wall. If the art work you purchase is a mounted piece your textile art work will arrive ready to be fitted into a frame either by a picture framer or yourself.

    My textile pictures are full of energy, colour and texture and will bring joy to any home.


    Commissioned or Custom work

    I would be pleased to talk to you about commissioned or custom textile art work.

    I can recreate similar art work to that which is displayed but cannot repeat exactly the same piece, each is a new creation with its own unique character and feel.

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    Dimensions 36 x 36 x 10 cm

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