All the pages from my album and continuation form  ” A new Journey “


As you will know form my last blog this was a personal challenge. Each day of my beach holiday I wanted to add to my visual journal a possibility for new textile art work. My kit included,water colour paper, hand threads glue stick,water colour pencils, metallic paint and only a few other materials. I then added found objects which included chocolate wrappers, baking paper, torn colour from magazines, local vegetation and dried seaweed.I used layers of water colour paper and cut out photos painted stitched and designed producing a resource for future art works.

I worked ideas from photos all taken on my mobile phone and printed on my mobile printer ( a canon selphy ).Producing this journal has been a positive experience and as the ideas grow and I create my tetxile  art works I will continue to share the journey with you.



I have included some new images taken with my mobile phone for reference material.I took these photos when visiting the Lotus gardens so much inspiration.

When I look at these images I think what fabrics and threads would create the textures. Can I use threads and hand work to add another layer, are the petals and leaves fragile, how would they feel, how do I see them. What are the colours will I hand paint a silk panel or build up layers.My mind fills with ideas and possibilities.











Mounted and framed behind glass 55x88cm

Mounted and framed behind glass 55x88cm










Stretched and in a floating frame 72x94cm.

Stretched and in a floating frame 72x94cm.








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