Inspiration for making wearable art scarves 


I have been finishing some commissioned scarves over the last week and this made me think I to share wiht you the possibility of wonderful texture and colour in the scarves I make. It is a pictorial story.Each scarf is unique and individual. I collect up yarns fibres and fabrics which I use create these wearable art garments. I stitch them organically allowing the shapes, materials and textures to dictate my stitches.I don’t mind that the scarves are not even,that the texture is irregular I like them to flow in colour and form. I have recently been selling scarf kits through Facebook and hope soon to have them for sale in my online shop this won’t be until the end of January 2016  but I will notify through face book.

Always think outside the square when looking at materials and say to yourself how can I use this, will stitch hold it together, what does it add or bring to my project. Collect up beautiful yarns and fabrics as you see them. Think about fibres can they be split,layer and stitch, will they be soft, will they drape and how will they enhance my creation.

If your first scarf  is not a success cut it up and use it in a new scarf. It is amazing what you can create from past projects.

For some great fibres visit,  here you will find gorgeous hand dyed fibres and inspiration




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