Always great to play with something new 

Again this week has been full of stitches and colour with very little spare time. But I did manage to squeeze in some play with an app called Sketchers and I also gave some thought to the statement that comes from so many people “I can’t draw”. Just to let you know neither can I. I draw everything in my mind, my art work is representative, it is a emotions, an expression, and needs to connect to the viewer but it mainly come for the heart.

I was hoping you would join me over the next few weeks playing with a new idea and watching it progress, seeing what evolves and how we can use it in our textiles.

Below are images of what I have created using sketchers app. They give you wonderful form colour and texture easily adaptable to textiles.


Captured in my garden

Captured in my garden

original image


Sketched.jpg 2


Sketched.jpg 10


Sketched.jpg 9


Original image Whiskey bay Wilsons Promontory

Original image Whiskey bay Wilsons Promontory

Sketched.jpg 16

Sketched.jpg 14


 So here is my idea

Over the next few weeks I am going to experiment with hand painting fabrics, computer printed images and texture using the images created from the sketchers app and share the process with you. Cant wait, it will be exciting to see where we end up.

I will use a landscape image and a plant. So excited, love having a play. I hope you will join me on this journey.


Sketched.jpg 14


A hint for  the “i can’t draw” creators

You are all probably aware that adult colouring books are the rage. Well I checked them out and can see they have a huge potential for inspiring shapes and designs. For those who say they can’t draw have a look in these books for wonderful shapes and forms, look at them, be inspired and make them your own.


And finally to show you how busy my week was this is my workroom on Thursday morning. It appears my intention was to cover every open space and I have had suceeded. Maybe I should be ashamed but I am not, it was a very industries week. Now I need to get it back to its normal messy.




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