This week in my studio 

An adventure from a don’t like to a love it

This is an image story of a piece of textile art work I have completed this week. This will be stretched over a frame and then placed in a floating frame. It forms part of my body of work which will be exhibited at Yering Station, Yarra Glen Victoria from 27th November to the 16th of January.

I want to tell the story about making this textile art work. I hope this story helps you understand how forgiving textiles are. I was very unhappy with the colours and design of my hand painted silk. I was so unhappy I contemplated repainting the silk, but then loving a textile challenge I changed my mind. I glanced around my overflowing studio/workroom and carefully selected from my fibres and fabrics the colours and textures I wanted to add to bring the textile alive. I admit I have a lot of different materials packed tightly and messily in a small space. I wanted to add to the silk background a variety of materials which would build up layers and depth. With a sense of adventure and great collection of fibres and fabrics I have created and art work I am very pleased with.

You will see from the original piece of silk, through the layers of stitching, to the end result. So always know that textiles is forgiving, don’t over think, allow organic growth and enjoy the journey.












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