A window into my studio 

Michelle Mischkulnig Australian textile artist chelletetxiles.com.au

Using variegated threads 

I like to use rayon machine embroidery threads they have a beautiful lustre, colour and softness. I often use a variegated thread and to break the look of block colours in the variegated threads I use a plain thread with it simultaneously.

I run both threads through the top of the machine together as if they are a single thread. I thread the one needle with both of the  threads and adjust the tension to suit (usually loosen a little to allow for both threads to pass through the machine tensioner. Not all sewing machines will allow a double thread through the one needle. I own 3 x35 year old Bernina sewing machines nothing smantsy fancy

Enjoy and play with different combinations you will be surprised what effects you can achieve with colours you never expected to combine.

Below is a sample of the one variegated thread with 3 different plain threads.



Saving Treasures, Sprinkles, bibs and bobs


I have many containers in my studio where I collect up treasures, snips, sprinkles, threads off cuts and jewels.These always make beautiful textures.I use a layer of fusible webbing to attach them to fabric and paper.What you do with these treasures is up to you.


This week in my studio

I have been making bags for Stonehouse Gallery using free motion machine embroidery, cotton, upholstery fabric,inktense pencils and leather I still need line them and apply handles.I will post finished pieces on Facebook.








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