Allegria Scarf


Hand dyed pure silk,silk and wool yarns, hand dyed silk fiber with free motion machine embroidery and lace. This scarf had beautiful lustre and drape.

Approx. size  32 cm x 1.80cm

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Allegria Scarves and Wraps

When making scarves I like to explore how texture and colour can be interwoven in interesting and eye catching ways. They add a splash of colour to any outfit and hopefully will put a skip in your step.

I carefully select beautiful yarns and fabrics to create each unique piece. These include hand painted silk, hand dyed pure silk laps, alpaca, mohair, fine merino, pure wool, sari silk twist and a small amount of man made fibre. I gather together all of these ingredients and darn and stitch them to create a wearable art garment.

Therefore no two scarves can ever be exactly the same. They are all hand washable and care instructions are attached to each scarf.

Scarves vary in size and are organic in shape but are approximately 20 – 33cm (8 – 13 inches) wide, 150 – 200cm (59 -78 inches) long

Wraps vary in size  and are organic shape approximately 41 cm -70 cm (16-27 inches) wide,  170-190cm (67 -75 inches) long.

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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 3 cm